Orthopantomograph® OP30

Design and quality

A standard X-ray unit does not mean standard design. The Orthopantomograph® OP30 combines distinctive design and reliable quality with professional tools for standard panoramic imaging needs.

Perfect imaging is about mastering the details

The quality of images is a result of many elements, such as carefully designed features, sufficient technical characteristics and correct patient positioning. The Orthopantomograph® OP30 combines all these for your benefit and provides you with a perfect image - every single time. We master the details.

All the essentials included

  • Stable 5-point patient positioning
  • V-shaped beam
  • Optimized panoramic image geometry
  • 3 laser positioning lights
  • Adjustable anterior layer position - fits every patient
  • Reliable tube head

It could not be easier

A standard panoramic image in just 10 seconds!

• Easy to operate - just 2 selections to make:
1. Choose imaging program
2. Use the pre-set kV values or adjust if needed
• Simple and user-friendly control panel


Imaging Programs

Standard Panoramic

OP30 panomamic

Program for routine panoramic examinations.
It utilizes advanced spinal compensation to maximize the view of anterior region and minimize the shadow of vertebrae.

Pediatric Panoramic

OP30 pediatric

Pediatric patients can be imaged less radiation dose and faster exposure time. Patients with jaw more narrow than average jaw can be exposed with this procedure too.


OP30 tmj

Program provides clear lateral image of condyles for both views; mouth open and/or closed.


OP30 bw

Fast Bitewing look-alike image for examining only smaller region of interest.


Small footprint - fits almost anywhere

• Compact design
• Versatile installation possibilities
• Easy wheelchair accessibility


Technical specifications

Generator 110 kHz High frequency DC generator
X-ray tube Toshiba D-054 or equivalent
Focal spot 0.5 mm
Minimum total filtration min 2.8 mm Al
Line voltage 220, 230, 240 Vac ± 10% / 100 Vac /115Vac (50/60 Hz)
Anode voltage 66/77 kV
Anode current 9 mA/10 mA *
Exposure time 10 s adult panoramic program
8.8 s child panoramic program
6 s TMJ program
5 s Bitewing program
Weight 115 kg
Pixel size sensor 48 µm
Pixel size image 96 µm (2x2 binding 48 µm)


* 10 mA only with 230 VAC mains, 9mA is maximum mA value with 100/115 VAC mains



For any questions on this product, please contact us: info@jtdental.co.za
click here to download the Instumentarium OP30 brochure