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General Handpiece Care and Maintenance Guide

for High Speed Turbine, Contra Angle and Straight Handpieces


Always make sure to wear adequate protection during the cleaning process.

1. Preparation

Remove the handpiece from the coupling (or motor if Straight or Contra Angle) and remove the bur as instructed by the supplier. Remove any organic matter with a paper towel, tissue or disinfectant wipe.


2. Manual Cleaning
Clean the external body of the Handpiece under cool running water. We recommend using a dedicated soft brush. The water temperature must not exceed touching temperature and be of drinking quality.
Never clean a Handpiece in an Ultrasonic Bath.
Automated Processing in a Thermo Washer Disinfector is recommended over manual cleaning. If you use a TWD, please refer to the manufacturers guidelines on placing and cleaning your Handpieces.


3. Disinfecting
Wipe the outside of the Handpiece with a surface disinfectant wipe.
Do not submerge the Handpiece in a disinfectant solution!


4. Lubrication
Shake the Handpiece Oil canister well before use.
Connect the appropriate oil nozzle to the oil canister. Hold the can upright, insert the nozzle into the base of the Handpiece. Place the front of the Handpiece into a tissue. Spray oil for 1 -2 seconds and observe the tissue. Repeat this procedure until excess oil in tissue is clean.
Wipe off any excess oil with a dry tissue.
Turn the Handpiece around and spray a bit of oil into the chuck to preserve the function of the chuck.
Do not run a Fast Handpiece immediately after lubricating with a canister. Wait for at least 1 minute for the bearings to warm up to room temperature.


5. Sterilising
Put the Handpiece into the autoclave. Select the correct cycle.
Do not use pouches unless you are using a Class B (Vacuum) autoclave. Do not exceed 140°C, even during the drying phase. Do not place quick couplings in the autoclave.


6. Storing
As soon as the sterilisation cycle has finished, remove the Handpiece from the autoclave and store in a sterile pouch or container.

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