Selector U2 Scaler

Apoza Selector U2 Scaler 2
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a powerful piezoelectric scaler, providing stable ultrasonic oscillation of 33.5 KHz with very wide energy scope.
  • Titaniurm Handpiece is autoclavable.
  • Great patient comfort with high frequency and low amplitude.
  • Handpiede never heats up after long time use.
  • Efficient performance to remove intractable calculus.
  • Fine turing control on power supply and waterspray.
  • Standard: ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO13485(CMDCAS), CE, GMP

Turn the power below half of SELECTOR U2 plus and replace tip with endo kit to operate unit for root canal preparation.
  • Smoother canal grants better obturation.
  • Rapid and superior operation for root canal treatment
  • Root canal enlargement and swirling irrigation for debridement
  • Minimal dentin removal keeps structural integrity of the tooth.

230V~, 0.5A or 115V~, 1A; 50/60Hz
33.5 ± 1.0 KHz
Water Pressure
1~4 kg/cm2
2.2 kg
W200 x D140 x H80 mm
For 230V, F0.5A 250V-CQ-S500 (2pcs included)
For 115V, F1A 250V-CQ-S500 (1pc included)

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