Newclave AD7 Mini 9litre
Steam Steriliser

Apoza AD7 Mini Steriliser

Apoza AD7 Mini Rack Apoza AD7 Mini HP Basket
Apoza AD7 Mini (9L)
The best choice for handpiece steriliser and the second steriliser
AD7 Mini - the most compact and convenient autoclave for surgical instruments, high-speed and scaler handpiece.

- One-click-ease to enable 4 pre-programmed sterilisation cycles from the user-friendly control panel
- Speedy 3.5 minutes sterilisation cycle available for urgent usage
- Automatic door opening mechanism
- Hassle-free auto water drainage design
- 6 safety mechanisms for utmost operation safety
- High quality stainless steel chamber for longer reliability
- 14 handpiece can be disinfected effectively in every cycle. Two containers (HP rack, HP Basket) are provided as standard accessory

Non-vacuum type, Class IIA
Input Voltage
230V- 0.4A (F1) / 230V- 7A (F2,F3) 50/60Hz
F1A 250V (F1) / F10A 250V (F2,F3) (For 230V~)
L375 X W320 X H345 (mm)
35 Kgs (Net), 41 Kgs (Gross)
D125 X L240 (mm)
9 Litre

Water filter x 1
Handpiece rack takes up to 14 handpieces x 1
Handpiece basket x 1
Water measurement cup x 1
Water tube 2.5m (with connector for back draining outlet) x 1
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